Wands Upon A Time, A Witch's Story

             This Is Me, Kelsey from Wands Upon A Time


                                   What can I say about Me??



Well I am married to Ian and we have been together

for 25 years!!! Wow!

We have 3 children

Ella, Martha and Isaac

And they are my life

We have 3 cats, Minnie, Loki and Lyla


Our House is kind of an 'open house'

We always have lots of people around us

It can be manic at times, but I wouldnt have it any

other way



 I guess claywork and jewellery is my thing.

I certainly dont claim to be the best,

but the work I produce is made from the heart.

I love to create and take inspiration from the world

around me.

I take this time as a kind of relaxation and meditation,

focusing on  the materials I am using, the crystals,

the theme, the nature and the name of the piece.




My Path and Journey

I guess I never consciously choose the path I am on,

My roots are firmly placed within Witchcraft and have been for over 20 years now,

However my journey is ever evolving 

 I love to learn and I have met some amazing and inspirational people along the way.

You all know who you are !!! 



I really hope you like my website

and enjoy some of the things I share here  


I would love you to sign my guestbook

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